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As a cabinet maker, these products are wonderful. The service is great and the unboxing experience was perfect personal note and sunflower seeds! Extra special.

Worth the price

Having used this wax religiously for 2 years I decided to buy a big tin. Such easy wax to use and gives a good shine after just one use. Works amazingly and I recommend it all to my clients too.

quick service, excellent product

easy to use, beautiful finish

Great product

Great product. Does the job

Beeswax Scratch Repair Cubes
Martyn Fern (Auckland, NZ)

Nicely packaged and good delivery time. Order wasn’t correct

'antique gold' Beeswax Furniture Polishing Kit
Richard Knight (Limassol, CY)
Just the job!

Followed Simon's instructions and achieved the lovely shine on my sadly neglected kist. Easy to apply with the superfine steel wool and buffed up nicely. Based on my result I would certainly recommend this beeswax polish. Thanks Simon.

Hard Wax Oil

I saw this product on TV, Salvage Hunters. Thought I’d give it a go. I was blown away with the results. I followed the instructions and used a cloth rather than brush or roller. Used the 320 grit in between the 3 coats. What a Finish! This was without any buffing or further wax that was recommended.. I used it on 2 items. A table I made where I repurposed an old table top and scraped the surface. The other a bench I made to match the table and the wood was all bare. The oil was great on both. Highly recommend

To date, I have used the wax on 6 18th century Antique pieces with great results.

Fantastic stuff

I highly recommend Gilboys beeswax polishes. They do such a great job. I recently used it on a 17th century dark wood buffet and it has come up lovely. Their honey is great too.

After asking for some advice I received far more information than I expected. My order arrived well packed with attention to detail. I haven’t used it yet but it smells wonderful. The sunflower seeds are also a great addition to pay the bees back for their hard work.

Furniture Polishing Starter Kit (3x80ml)
Paul Dadson (Tower Hamlets, GB)
Trusty Starter Kit

I have used this starter kit before - holds finish well and the smell is so good.

Waxed Wood sculpture: fantastic results!:

I am very satisfied with the results and the advice! Thank you for producing such a quality product! This is a restoration unfortunately started prior to my working on this piece. My decision to wax is based on a desire to preserve as much of the original artists intent as I can interpret. “Sarah” is also a family heirloom and my mother’s request before she passed away that I restore “her” to her former beauty.
After many, many hours of careful hand sanding, I applied a general teak oil, then your hard wax to fill some cracks only to help reduce future damage from humidity, etc. as this has been in my family for approximately 62 years, I can say “she” looks incredible

Beeswax Scratch Repair Cubes
Tom Collier (Exmouth, GB)
More brilliant products

Everything about Gilboys products is excellent, the packaging, advice, rapid servce and then the products, they are a joy to use and do a brilliant job.


It is not often in life that your expectations are fully met. With Gilboys wax my expectations were exceeded. Quality of the highest degree is the only way to describe this amazing product

Great products

Fantastic products, in particular the hard wax oil. Far superior to others I have tried. And Simon's videos have been invaluable.

It’s my go to finish

It is without a doubt my go to finish. It’s lovely to apply, and goes a long way (also doesn’t have too strong a smell for indoor applications). Recently used to refurb kitchen worktop (although have used it quite a bit previously). Will be buying it again and again. Thank you.

Very fast post, a lovely personal message and some sunflower seeds included. Thank you so much. I planted them straight away.


Very good purchase, works really good

Bought as part of a gift. Recipient loves honey and tells me that it is smashing stuff. Second time purchasing. Recently purchased along with a wax kit. Love receiving items from Gilboys. Excellent packaging and along with the personal note and the seeds for Bees it’s a real treat. Thank you

Great product. Highly recommended

Lovely products. Third purchase of wax from this smashing company. Also have a tin of the hard wax. Followed the video of how to use each wax and our old pine table top looks great. Highly recommended.

Furniture Polishing Starter Kit (3x80ml)
Helen Huddleston (Pocklington, GB)

Happy with the results, have used a softer beeswax which has been easier to apply with my Annie Sloan wax brush which is great to get into detail that you can’t with the wire wool or cloth. My mahogany drawers are much improved with the antique gold would recommend

Just the stuff to renovate my mid century sideboard

Lovely stuff to use. Realised after watching the very helpful video that the underlying finish needs redoing so sent off for the hard wax oil. Now I’ve got the right stuff I’m looking forward to having a go with it to renovate my sideboard top

Wood buffer

Lovely cloths brought my wooden coffee table up to a beautiful shine glad I got these

Hard Wax Oil - Food Safe Interior Wood Finish
James Kirkham (Blackburn, GB)
Simply the best.

Sometimes commenting on a product is easy, what is there to say, Gilboys waxes are the finest that you can buy. This is no different. Total perfection, as usual. These are the only waxes that get anywhere near my furniture. They make finishing even more of a pleasure.