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Gilboys Teign Valley Raw Honey
Elizabeth Harman (Paignton, GB)

Beautiful present, can't wait to give it to my friend. Very attractively packaged.

Absolutely brilliant product!!

Used this on a pine wood mantle shelf over a woodburner, the wood outside of the heat shield is typically 60 deg C, this product is handling the temperature with ease!!

Great products and the video on YouTube on how to refinish mid-century teak table (2 part) is really helpful.

Brilliant hardwax oil - Victorian pine floor

Beautiful finish on resanded floorboards - so much depth of colour brought out of the wood compared to the flat one-tone varnish/stain the previous owners had applied

I’d previously used osmo, applying this was a very similar experience - I’ve not done a like-for-like, but my general feel is that gilboys was more pleasant texture to apply and went further

Pictures are bare sanded to 120 grit (left somewhat rustic as I like the history to show) and then the colour after one coat to show the change. I was worried after sanding that the warmth was gone and the floors would look like the ashy grey polyeurethane finished or laminate floors - such a relief to see the colour come up again, while keeping the room much lighter than the old “antiquey style” varnish/stain that was on before. More coats doesn’t seem to impact the colour but the finish is far smoother and will obviously be more hardwearing

Very easy applying, I used a micro fibre cloth to wipe down (have had problems with overapplying osmo, so prefer to put the elbow grease in to make sure the coat was consistently thin) but it really didn’t take long to do a 144sq ft room. Drying overnight worked well, and the smell wasn’t strong at all compared to any other coatings or paint products I’ve used

Complete Beeswax Furniture Polishing Kit
Colin Thompson (Kidlington, GB)

Haven't had time to use the polish a lot yet but first results are excellent, as was the service. Delighted.

Beeswax Leather Balsam Conditioner (125ml)
Andrew Bird (Cheltenham, GB)

I used this to rejuvenate a pair of Edwardian chairs. It requires little to be applied and produces a lovely suppleness and slight sheen. It also has a pleasant, light scent, unlike some of the competitor's products, which rely on linseed. I highly recommend Gilboy's Leather Balsam.

Excellent product, exactly as expected.

Oxalic Acid Dihydrate 99.6% (100g)
Pat Jackson (Sidmouth, GB)
Rust stains on cedar fence

Worked a treat removing rust stain streaks from cedar fence slats, see before and after pics from a treated offcut

Hard Wax Oil - Food Safe Interior Wood Finish
Catrina Stephens (Trowbridge, GB)
Lovely product

My Dad has made me a desk from used and new oak. I brought this product after watching the video on YouTube and wanting a natural finish and loved the concept of natural ingredients. Dad said it goes on well and gave it 4 coats. I cannot see a difference between the recycled oak and new and love the finish. Photos look yellower than what I see by eye. Very happy to have such a unique and beautiful desk made with love.

Refurbishing G plan table

I followed Simon's video and got great results. I was also delighted to recieve my box with little notes attached from Ian and Simon. It gave it such a personal touch. I wish I had talen before and after photos!

Amazing Product

Really helps keep my Victorian mahogany dining table in great condition.

Another superb product

I'd already purchased one set to tackle some dark oak furniture, but I wanted this set for some lighter pieces. Once again it worked a treat, giving a lovely glow to a mid-oak bookcase and giving a very battered little box that I picked up from an antique shop a bit of much needed tlc (I may give it another go in a week or so's time, as although the overall colour is good, it's in need of more care, I think). I also used it on one of the dark oak chests, and it gave it just the 'lift' it needed. Definitely the best brand of wax polishes I've used. Thank you!

Beeswax kit

Only one word: 'Brilliant'

I would definitely recommend Gilboy's!

I ordered some furniture polish (Golden Antique Gold beeswax) and leather balsam. Both products are exactly as described and don't disappoint. I used the antique gold wax on the first top two drawers in my photo. The wax added depth of colour and shine compared to the dullness of the bottom unwaxed drawer. The wax is pleasant to use, smells nice and is also very good at covering small scratches on a light coloured furniture.

Simon himself was also very helpful and his videos are a pleasure to watch and very informative. I tried his recommendation to use steel wool to apply wax (which I initially thought was bizarre!) but worked like a charm and got rid of ingrained dirt.

'rose gold' Beeswax Wood Polish (1 litre)
Sharon Rossi (Burntisland, GB)

We cannot praise this company enough. Good service..polite personal….wonderfully wrapped..super quick & best of all the absolutely the best product we are thrilled to have found them
This company is an absolute gem . We only wish other companies have had the same ethos


Makes the wood look amazing

Furniture Polishing Starter Kit (3x80ml)
The ideal gift

This is a Xmas present for a keen furniture restorer. I am sure he will reorder this wonderful product.

Hard Wax Oil - Food Safe Interior Wood Finish
David Shimell (Woodhall Spa, GB)
Excellent product

Gives a great finish with just two coats

Furniture Polishing Starter Kit (3x80ml)
Sue S (Melton Mowbray, GB)
Great starter kit

I have a family piece oak dining table that needs polishing but wasn't sure which polish colour to use so I opted for the sample pack. I haven't yet polished the dining table but I have done a small coffee table that had been much abused and was water stained. I'm happy with the results of my efforts but didn't think to take before/after photos. One feedback comment: it might be helpful to novice polishers like me to have examples of wood colour and which polish to use on them - I had no idea until I opened each little tin and tested

Great product. Does more than it says on the tin.

Used for finishing 8x4 plywood sheets that are the ceiling of an off-grid cabin. Wanted a finish that would not stink for ages like Danish Oil. Pleasant and easy to apply. Using a cloth to rub it in seems to produce a faster-drying finish than using a brush (here in damp, cold Scotland). Will be ordering more for the walls and floor.

A Christmas gift

I have used the clear polish. Beautiful smooth lustre with beautiful smell. I purchased the rose gold wax kit as a Christmas gift so can’t comment yet except to say it’s beautifully packaged and I anticipate will be of excellent quality.


Fabulous products, would highly recommend

Complete Beeswax Furniture Polishing Kit
Nicholas Knott (Southampton, GB)
Beeswax review

First time I’ve used gilboys beeswax and I’ve found it excellent product and i really liked the hard coloured wax that is supplied with each wax and even though I’m not a great fan off filling minor chips in veneer I found them to work really nicely as age of desk didn’t warrant repairing every single chip all in all well and truly happy with the results off wax kit I brought and will definitely be replacing them like for like once they are finished and I really liked the refill jars to send back with return label for discount on next refill. Sorry i couldn’t show results as the desk as it’s already been picked up.

Hard Wax Oil - Food Safe Interior Wood Finish (Newport, GB)
Gilboys Hardwax Oil

We are professional furniture makers and renovators based in South Wales. I’ve been using Gilboys excellent wax polish for some time. I have discovered another brilliant product in their Hardwax oil. Really easy to use and great coverage, we always use Gilboys wax polish to finish and have had excellent results.

Furniture polish

I haven't used the polish yet but must say the service and attention to detail with my order was fantastic, the little touches like the sunflower seeds is very much appreciated.
All these things is why we should be using and supporting independent companies
Thank you