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You buy some recommended polish and it arrives in a personalised box, with great polishes, cloth and wire wool, what more do you need. Very impressed!

0000 Steel Wire Wool, Ultra-Soft, Oil-Free
Sandra Thornhill (Runcorn, GB)
Products are amazing

I watched the YouTube channel and was impressed so thought I would give the waxing kit a try..and I purchased extra wire wool...which as it turns out I didn't need..I have a few pieces of ercol and g plan thought I would need more... All my furniture has come up amazing. The best it's looked. If anyone is unsure about these kits..please don't be, it does what it says and is worth every penny. I'm now thinking about buying the leather cleaner.thank you A wonderful product.

Gorgeous stuff!

Did a fantastic job on some Western boots where the leather had always been dry, probably from sitting in a hot warehouse Texas. Made them rich and supple. Best leather conditioner I’ve tried.

Dining table restored!

Gilboys YouTube video inspired us to attempt restoration of our elderly 1930s dining table. We are very pleased with the results, using Gilboys Gold.

Pure gold wax polish

Great product, pleasure to use, and buffed with cloth also purchased, the packaging is first class, many thanks.

Fantastic Product

Ercol coffee table from my parents, it was in need of some TLC, I watched Simon's You tube video. Purchased a pot of Pure Gold which came with a seeds for the bees and a hand written note (lovely personalization) after a brave decision I went all in, sanding the top, base and legs, applied Osmo oil, a light sand and finished off with Pure Gold.
The table has come out beautifully and the grain is so enhanced, such a retro piece of furniture. Many thanks

'rose gold' Beeswax Furniture Polishing Kit
Kerrie Bond (Southport, GB)

Service, help and product all excellent

Furniture Polishing Starter Kit (3x80ml)
Sue Newall (Southport, GB)
Polishing starter mit

Lovely product, beautifully packaged but above all it works. I achieved a great finish on my arts and crafts bookcase. Thank you

'rose gold' Beeswax Furniture Polishing Kit
Oliver Margison (Wallingford, GB)
Great stuff!

Used the Rose Gold on my tabletop and couldn’t be happier with the results! It was made from old Horsebox timbers (pine), sanded back and this product has given it such a beautiful deep colour and shine. Now looking around for what else I can use it on!!!

I knew this to be a good product from just watching Simon’s on line demos., but had no idea just how great it really is. I’ve numerous antique pieces, all looking a little tired and dull , so started with the easier pieces with big flat surfaces, such as my dining room table. The results are quite amazing, natural colours of oak and elm now gleaming like I’ve never seen before.
It can get obsessive of course, but I’m wary of this as I work my way around to the next pieces... I suspect I’ll be back some time for a refill !

Many thanks again

Fantastic kit

Having watched the informative and professional u-tube videos I bought the starter kit and was so impressed when I received it promptly through the post. Beautifully presented, box (fully recyclable) with a personal note and free gift. A personal and professional service, a real pleasure to use this company. Can't wait to start using the products and feel confident doing so with all the advice the company gives.

0000 Steel Wire Wool, Ultra-Soft, Oil-Free
Grahame Johnston (Carlisle, GB)
0000 wool

A very fine product, surprised to use to apply the Beeswax, but worked very well

Brighter Times Ahead

Restored this old clock which was in the Attic. When my husband, was a lad, he used to cover the face up when he was doing his revising, so he wouldn't know the time he spent revising. Used the Gilboys medium wax on the casing. The clock now has pride of place and the wood looks rich and shining. Brings back happy memories.

Complete Beeswax Furniture Polishing Kit
Joan Thompson (Anderson, US)
Love your products!

I love the quality of your products. I have an upcoming project that will need your wax.

Does what it says

Beautifully presented, would make a lovely gift. I've waxed 3 Windsor ercol chairs...they look amazing..I've got other items to wax..will definitely be back with some photos...I would definitely recommend , love the company ethics and customer service is absolutely brilliant.

'pure gold' Beeswax Furniture Polishing Kit
Rosalyn Knowles (Bishop's Stortford, GB)
Updated table

Very pleased with how good our pine kitchen table turned out followed your you tube clip. Many thanks

New project.

Bought a nest of tables with the intention of "doing them up" Did a bit of research on the internet and came across Gilboys. Loved the website and the info available. Have purchased the starter kit, despatched immedeatly and arrived the next day. Great kit, very well packaged with a couple of personal touches. Havent started the project yet, but so far more than impressed with the service from Gilboys and if I do a good job, I will find another item in need of some tlc and Gilboys will without doubt be my port of call.

Furniture Polishing Starter Kit (3x80ml)
Arda Krediet (Bristol, GB)
Great advice and results

With online support of Simon I was able to improve the top of this chester drawer, who had lots of deep scratches. I am impressed with the customer service.

'rose gold' Beeswax Furniture Polishing Kit
Terry Ayling (Sittingbourne, GB)
Oak table

I was looking on Youtube to find out about restoring the top of our oak table and I came across your videos. They were most helpful and having watched a few of them I decided I could have a go and I ordered one of your kits. The table had been French polished many years ago and had a large water stain in the middle so I removed the finish down to bare wood, applied a coat of Treatex Colour Tone Medium Oak followed by your Rose Gold polish. We're very pleased with the result and without your videos I'm not sure I would have had the confidence to have a go. As you can see from the picture there are some chairs that would benefit from a bit of attention - I was thinking of a clean up with some soapy water leave to dry and then a wax polish with the Rose Gold. Does that sound sensible?

Buffing Cloth - 100% Cotton, Open-Weave, No Smear
Grahame Johnston (Carlisle, GB)
Trial Restoration

A bit sceptical about the products, but having watched the videos, had no bother carrying out the work, on my dining room table, and chairs, received guidance from Simon, on various issues, but just git stuck, as they say,. I have now finished the table, and, What a difference it has made, will send pictures later, thanks Simon

Good for more than just boots!

Having used Gilboys furniture polish, I wanted to try their leather wax on some vintage leather luggage items. It was easy to apply, and not much needed. I opted to leave it to set for 12 hours and then buffed it to a gentle sheen. I'm very pleased with the look, although the only item I've yet tried in the wet is the binoculars case. The was worked very well, beading off the rain from a light shower. I shall be using this wax on some vintage leather camera cases after this trail.

Pure Gold Bees Wax

Thank you for a first class delivery and how well it was packed,
5 stars well deserved.

Beeswax Scratch Repair Cubes
R Othman (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
Beeswax repair cubes

Great product especially for deeper scratches. Would recommend this product.

Furniture Polishing Starter Kit (3x80ml)
Mike Raine (North Yorks, GB)
Coffee table revival

Excellent job

Beautiful Results

Gilboys 'rose gold' wax worked magically on this badly scratched panel that I found at a demolition site. Shows a true testament how amazing Gilboys wax is. Strongly recommended!