Gilboys 'antique gold' Beeswax Furniture Polish (Dark Shade)

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"I’m not just saying it, but your waxes are superb"
- Drew Pritchard (Salvage Hunters)


Simply the best beeswax wood polish for antique woods. Made in the UK.  


  • 100% Pure ingredients
    • Triple filtered beeswax humanely harvested from local hives
    • All natural waxes: Carnauba, Myrica, Japan and Berry 
    • Blended in the traditional way with pure pine gum spirits of turpentine
    • Absolutely no silicone, no aggressive petrochemical solvents, no toluene, no white/mineral spirits whatsoever - guaranteed
  • Very easy to apply and buff - a little polish goes a very long way because pure turpentine holds more wax in suspension by volume than petrochemical solvents
  • Our specially developed blend of waxes ensures that you don't necessarily have to polish again for at least a year and possibly up to 3 years
  • Clip-top Le ParfaitTM jar with air-tight seal
  • Our 100% plastic-free recyclable packaging is made from 70% recycled cardboard from FSC approved sources
  • 25% Discount on refills with our Return & Refill scheme
  • Complimentary sunflower seeds for you to plant and grow as a 'Thank You' to the bees. 

Polishing Kits

Our polishing kits include everything you need to restore, polish and protect the finish of your wood furniture:

  • Gilboys 'antique gold' beeswax furniture polish
  • 1.2 metres of our antique restorers' recommended oil-free '0000' grade ultra-soft wire wool for easier application
  • 2 large lengths of our antique restorers' recommended open-weave 100% cotton polishing cloth for streak-free buffing
  • A colour-matched 'Gilded bee' pure Dartmoor beeswax scratch repair cube for repairing scratches and dents before polishing


  • A single 125ml jar will cover approximately 12m² or five to six standard size dining tables
  • 1L will cover approximately 96-100m² or 40 to 48 standard size dining tables

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental preservation is very important to us and we make every effort to ensure our products have a minimal impact on the environment:

  • We are not driven by a corporate cost-reduction ethos. We select our components based on quality and sustainability rather than the cheapest alternatives
  • 100% Plastic-free recyclable packaging
    • Recycled cardboard and paper from FSC-approved mixed sources
    • Packing tape that is paper & cotton based with a water-based gum adhesive which can be recycled along with the cardboard boxes
    • No polypropylene-based tape. We use biodegradable raffia twine.
  • No petrochemical solvents, we use only pure pine gum spirits of turpentine
  • Reusable Le Parfait jars with a Return & Refill discount scheme
  • Our workshop roof is completely covered in solar panels and generates far more electricity than we consume

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 374 reviews
    Amy Pocock (Bridgend, GB)
    Amazing Product

    Really helps keep my Victorian mahogany dining table in great condition.

    D. Procter (Chelsea, GB)
    I would definitely recommend Gilboy's!

    I ordered some furniture polish (Golden Antique Gold beeswax) and leather balsam. Both products are exactly as described and don't disappoint. I used the antique gold wax on the first top two drawers in my photo. The wax added depth of colour and shine compared to the dullness of the bottom unwaxed drawer. The wax is pleasant to use, smells nice and is also very good at covering small scratches on a light coloured furniture.

    Simon himself was also very helpful and his videos are a pleasure to watch and very informative. I tried his recommendation to use steel wool to apply wax (which I initially thought was bizarre!) but worked like a charm and got rid of ingrained dirt.

    jennifer ruston (Darlington, GB)
    I'm 75 and this is the best ever polish for my Reprodux

    The whole experience has been first class wish I had heard of you sooner. Thankyou Drew Pritchard. From actual polish to helpful advice to sensible refillable packaging, couldn't have asked for more, helping the environment, looking after my furniture and caring for the bees. First class.

    Andy (Trowbridge, GB)
    Great stuff

    Beautifully packaged and attention to detail. Wax is superb. Do read/watch the guides before you get going. They really help. Excellent wax.

    Andrew Jones (Savannah, US)

    The product did not work as advertised. I tried it on a French polished mahogany table from the 1820s with sunfading. I applied and buffed the table three separate times. The effect was extremely uneven with some areas turning an extreme dark brown and others with little change at all.

    Hi Andrew
    Thank you for your review. I'm very sorry our polish didn't have the desired effect you were hoping for.

    I don't advertise our polish as a cure for sun faded finishes. I know that many people have had success reviving old faded finishes using our beeswax polish, But as I say in the accompanying booklet that came with your polish, also on our help and advice page and our Youtube videos. How successful it is will be entirely dictated by the finish its being applied to, It's not down to the effectiveness of the polish.

    I have tried my very upmost to make this as clear as possible, as I do not want my customers to be mislead in believing that our polish is a 'cure all' beeswax polish. It won't help me or you, with misleading information.

    Dining tables are notoriously difficult to restore the colour. They often wear unevenly and the fading can be very irregular. I would say that in almost every case, where the fading is severe, dining tables have to be stripped and refinished.

    As you can see from the thousands of reviews we receive. I am always willing to offer FREE advice from my decades of experience in this area, to anyone who emails with any restoration or wax related questions. I have always been here to help with problems. I think it's important in this time of e-commerce.

    Please do send me photo's via email and I will help.
    With best wishes

    James Newton (Lincoln, GB)
    What service

    The product is of top notch quality. I had not doubt that the wax would do a great job. I was not disappointed! What did blow me away was the hand written details, the little packet of sun flower seeds and the return labels to top up the jar when necessary. So the product is superb but the service is quite something else.Gilboys is fantastic. I’m going no where else from now on.

    goldsoup (Glasgow, GB)
    Fantastic product range

    After seeing Simon on Salvage Hunters then moving onto his fantastic YouTube videos I knew I had a few restoration jobs I needed to complete so was happy to try some of the Gilboys range. Started off with an old kitchen table that had probably been left in a barn at some point in history. Using the hard wax oil, then antique gold beeswax this table top now has a whole new life! Stunning results with quality products delivered with love and care for you and the environment. Highly recommend.

    Judi Lewis (Sydney, AU)
    Simply the best

    Loved using this product, gave a superb finish and feel. Used on a very tired kitchen dresser that needed a lot of love.

    Sue Murphy (Bristol, GB)
    Great finish

    Love the polish.
    A great finish and really feels it feeds the wood.
    Great for small surface scratches.

    Paul Davies (Preston, GB)
    Gilboys Only the best

    As usual, Simon and his team have produced another wonderful jar of Gilboys Antique Gold. With over 40 years of experience in the antique restoration industry, I can honestly say that Gilboys is by far the best and finest wax on the market. Thanks guys.