Buffing Cloth - 100% Cotton, Open-Weave, No Smear

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  • 100% Pure Cotton
  • Open Weave
  • 2x 60cm lengths 

Our buffing cloth has been used for polishing by the restorers in our workshop for the past twenty years.

The open weave of this 100% cotton cloth ensures that too much heat does not build up through the friction of polishing. Too much friction and therefore heat will melt the top few molecules of wax and create smearing.

The open weave of our cloth makes life a lot easier when it comes to buffing the wax and achieving an even finish using considerably less elbow power than conventional towelling would require. 

EVERY order that leaves the Gilboy's workshop has a complimentary box of sweet peas seeds. We hope you will plant and grow them to provide a rich source of nectar by way of a 'Thank You' to the bees who make the beeswax in our polishes.  **unfortunately this offer excludes USA due to FDA regulations

complimentary sweet pea seeds


Environmental preservation is very important to us and we make every effort to ensure our products have a minimal impact on the environment:

  • We are not driven by a corporate cost-reduction ethos. We select our components based on quality and sustainability rather than the cheapest alternatives
  • 100% Plastic-free recyclable packaging
    • Recycled cardboard and paper from FSC-approved mixed sources
    • Packing tape that is paper & cotton based with a water-based gum adhesive which can be recycled along with the cardboard boxes
    • No polypropylene-based tape. We use biodegradable raffia twine.
  • Our workshop roof is completely covered in solar panels and generates far more electricity than we consume

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Sue James (Warrington, GB)
Brilliant Cloth

Bought the cloth along with wax and steel wool, using the cloth has made my chair have a lovely finish. Well worth buying.

William Sharpe (Glasgow, GB)


Ann Crump
Very good product

Excellent product, very pleased with the results and grateful for the help and advice when I called. Thank you

KevB (Weston-super-Mare, GB)
Good quality cloth

Good quality cloth. Ideal for buffing wood.

Mr Tom Walley (Altrincham, GB)

Great videos, great customer service, great wax and great buffing cloth. What a top business. The wax is a little more expensive than the big brand stuff I've bought over the years but there's no looking back now. It goes a long way and I've achieved an amazing finish v quickly with little effort. One of the main reasons I made the purchase is because of the free advice that Simon has been happy to give a few times over the years.....but now I've used his products, there's no going back!

Chris Haslam (Rochester, GB)
Couldn't be happier

High quality product from the YouTube how to right through to my finished project. Ordered and delivered very quick with a lovely note and my order (thank you) and then the bees wax, OMG, such a nice product to use. The cloths were amazing allowed for the easiest application of the wax and buffing after. Great job, I'll be telling everyone who does something similar to purchase AND I'll be using again. Thanks so much Gillboy's.

William Slade (Newark, US)
Highest Quality

I am a returning customer because your products and service are excellent. I have purchased your waxes, 0000 steel wool and the buffing cloth. I find that your products have exceeded my expectations and the results are terrific.

David Raffo (Kenilworth, GB)
First Impressions

I’m returning to restoring and making from industry and beginning to get my skills back to some sort of reasonable level - I also needed to upgrade some of my ‘kit’ - so, instead of scrabbling around for bits of suitable cloth to wax and buff I decided to gut some ‘proper stuff’
As others have mentioned the care in packaging and presenting the product is wonderful and special in this day and age - it is early days in use but already I can see that i am going to be very happy with the products
Thank you david

S. (Milton Keynes, GB)
Great Products

Does what it says on the tin. Beautifully packaged, with personal note. Will certainly use company again. Thank you.

Anthony (Victoria, CA)
Buffing cloth

The buffing cloth works very well. I wash it on a hot machine cycle for bright whites with the dog’s towels. Afterwards I throw it in the dryer with the towels. After drying, the buffing cloth needs a little re-shaping by hand but otherwise it is fit to use again.