'rose gold' Beeswax Wood Polish (1 litre)

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A medium shade beeswax polish specially formulated for use on Rosewood, Light Mahogany, Cherry, and Honey Oak furniture or similar coloured woods.


Simply the best beeswax polish for any type of wood. 

  • Made from the highest quality natural waxes to bring out the shine and protect your furniture
  • INCLUDES ultra-soft '0000' grade wire wool for the best application
  • INCLUDES 100% cotton open-weave polishing cloth for easier buffing 
  • 100% natural ingredients
    • The best triple-filtered beeswax, organically-farmed and humanely-harvested by the world-renowned beekeepers at Buckfast Abbey
    • Natural T1-grade carnauba wax
    • Natural myrica, Japan and berry waxes
    • Pure pine gum spirits of turpentine
    • No white spirit, No toluene, No aggressive petrochemical solvents and definitely No silicone!
  • Say 'Thank You' to the bees by growing our complimentary sweet pea seeds  **unfortunately this offer excludes USA due to FDA regulations

    Our beeswax furniture polish provides the best protection for the finish of all woods. It is very easy to apply and a little polish goes a very long way because turpentine holds much more wax in suspension by volume than any petrochemical solvent. 

    We have developed our beeswax furniture polish to such a fine blend that you don't necessarily have to polish again for at least a year and possibly up to three years. 


    Environmental preservation is very important to us and we make every effort to ensure our products have a minimal impact on the environment:

    • We are not driven by a corporate cost-reduction ethos. We select our components based on quality and sustainability rather than the cheapest alternatives
    • 100% Plastic-free recyclable packaging
      • Recycled cardboard and paper from FSC-approved mixed sources
      • Packing tape that is paper & cotton based with a water-based gum adhesive which can be recycled along with the cardboard boxes
      • No polypropylene-based tape. We use biodegradable raffia twine.
    • No petrochemical solvents, we use only pure pine gum spirits of turpentine
    • Our workshop roof is completely covered in solar panels and generates far more electricity than we consume

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 85 reviews
    Fantastic product

    I hardly ever leave reviews, but the care and effort the team have put into this product deserves to be recognised. Beautifully and thoughtfully packaged item. We’ve applied the first coat to a very neglected piece of wood and it has transformed it. Thank you.

    Outstanding product and advice

    We happened upon this company on You tube where the owner, Simon, has an excellent range of films explaining how to restore different types of wood & furniture. We contacted the company for advice and received the most excellent personal reply with detailed instructions about the whole process. At no point did the company give us the hard sell, they just suggested we use their wax to finish off the job.
    We bought the recommended strippers and sealants from a hardware shop and ordered Rose Gold polishing wax from Gilboys.
    WE HAVE NEVER RECEIVED SUCH A BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED product from ANY company. It was a joy!
    The polishing wax arrived in a smart box with a hand written note. It was in a traditional recyclable jar with beautifully presented wire wool and cotton dusters, a stunning little block of solid beeswax to fill holes, cracks etc, decorated with a GILDED bee ... a thing of beauty.. AND a tiny box containing sweet pea seeds to encourage bees in your garden.
    In addition to this, when you return the recyclable jar Gilboys gives a discount on your next order, and to make things easier they include an addressed label.
    We genuinely think this one of the most thoughtful, professional companies we have ever encountered and urge anyone interested in caring for or restoring wooden furniture to consider Gilboys and follow Simon on You tube.

    Polishing Kit

    I have found this to be an excellent product. It was beautifully put together, with a personalised note, and swiftly delivered.
    No complaints at all and I would heartily recommend.

    Pembroke table renovation

    Having watched Simon’s tutorial on YouTube, I decided to follow his advice when stripping and waxing a small Pembroke table I’d purchased on e-bay. I ordered the Rose Gold renovation kit, which arrived a couple of days later, in lovely plastic-free packaging, with a handwritten personal note, and a box of sweet pea seeds! I enjoyed this Lockdown 3 project, and am very pleased with the result. Thank you.

    Amazing result

    This lamp was rescued from my late parents' attic, covered with about 60 years' worth of dust - which I brushed off before taking the first photo! My electrician updated the wiring and I cleaned it up. Then I searched the internet and found Gilboys. I watched a couple of videos and read reviews; spoke to Simon and sent photos; ordered the polishing kit, which arrived very quickly - carefully packaged and beautifully presented. It was so straightforward and very rewarding to see the transformation. Just needed to carve a couple of missing tusks from a piece of wood and add a new lampshade. A piece of family history brought back to life. Thank you for a brilliant product with really clear and helpful guidance. I really enjoyed this project.

    Teak veneer

    Very pleased with Treatex hard wax oil. I chose the matt finish. Three coats sanding lightly in between with wire wool, then finally with Gilboys rose gold wax polish. Very pleased with the outcome.

    New life

    Amazing product. Does what it says. Glad to get the medium mahogany colour. Less frightening to apply! Gradually darkens and more modern realistic rather than original Georgian state! Thrilled. Sweet peas a nice touch.

    Rose Gold

    This is the first time using Gilboys & their wax.
    We purchased a second had sideboard that needed stripping back to bare wood.
    Simon gave me advice & the confidence to give it a go.
    Once stripped back & a hard wax oil applied, I moved on to the Rose Gold wax.
    Not only did it arrive quickly, it was very well presented.
    The Rose Gold wax has given it a lovely natural looking glow.

    Thanks again for the advice & keep the YouTube videos coming.

    Bottom line, great company & great product

    Muskoka Oak Table

    I was definitely pleased and enthused to receive my Rose Gold Poliish package.
    To date I restored an older farm table from the Muskoka Lake region of Ontario.
    The table was cleaned and the legs and base given two coats of pure tung oil. Luckily the table had never been varnished. Unfortunately the top has some deep scratches and indents which my daughter, the owner, wisely ordered not tampered with.
    We applied the Rose Gold Polish in a single coat as per the directions and are very happy with the results.
    I am working now on the hoop back chairs that complete the set.
    I am very pleased with the quality of the polish and the warm satin sheen of the table.
    Kind regards,


    The wax worked fairly well on most of my sun bleached table but I think I rubbed too hard in one section and the finish has become slick and the wax will not adhere now.