Unusual Christmas Gifts 2020 - Gilboys Furniture Polishing Kit makes the perfect unusual Christmas present

Gilboys beeswax furniture polishing kit is an unusual gift

1. Made in the UK by traditional furniture restorers

We started making our own beeswax furniture polish many years ago to compliment our furniture conservation and restoration work. Every jar of Gilboy's Gold is handmade by us here at our restoration workshops in Staverton, Devon.

2. 100% natural ingredients

We don't use any artificial scents or petrochemical solvents. Cheaper petrochemical-derived solvents have an unpleasant odour, so manufacturers add artificial scents to their products. Pure turpentine has a wonderful pine aroma, so we don't need to add anything artificial to Gilboy's Gold.
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3. Buckfast Abbey beeswax

Bees have been kept at Buckfast Abbey since medieval times, so of course they've been working with furniture restorers for centuries. We worked with the beekeeping department to select the perfect beeswax for each of our polishes.

4. Just the right blend of carnauba wax

The hardest of all the natural waxes, our very precise blend of just the right amount of carnauba wax means Gilboy's Gold provides a tough finish and a deep shine while still being very easy to apply and buff.

5. Increased UV protection with myrica wax

Morella pubescens is a small shrub that grows at high altitudes in the Andes. It covers its small, greyish berries with a wax that protects them against the increased UV exposure at high altitude. We add this wax to our polishes to help reduce sun-bleaching of your furniture. 

6. We only use natural pure pine turpentine

As strong believers in the traditional methods of furniture restoration, we also use the traditional method of softening our waxes with pure pine turpentine.

7. Clip-top kiln jar with air-tight seal

As restorers and french polishers we use various containers throughout the day, every day. This made us pretty choosy when it came to selecting the best container for our own beeswax furniture polish. We chose a clip-top jar because it always provides a reliable seal.

8. 25% Return & Refill discount

Some of us in the company are old enough to have fond memories of returning our empty Coca-Cola bottles to the shop for a cash refund. Glass is simply the best container for recycling - easy to clean and wears far better than tins or plastic. That is why we are offering a massive 25% discount when you send your empties back to us for a refill.

9. 100% Recyclable Packaging

We spent some time looking for the right packaging that would meet two very important requirements. We wanted to ensure your beeswax furniture polish would be held secure in transit and arrive in perfect condition. And we wanted it to be reusable to ensure your empties would be returned in perfect condition and cost a few less trees.

10. Say a big 'Thank you' to the bees

We understand how important bees are to our environment and we're sure you'll be grateful for their amazing wax too. So every time we ship some of our beeswax furniture polish we include a complimentary box of sweet pea seeds for you to plant and grow as a way of saying "Thank you" to the bees.
*The sweet pea is one of the highest producers of nectar in the British garden




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