All Natural Beeswax Leather Conditioning Balsam 125ml (Made in the UK)

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Simply the best leather conditioner for Leather. Moisturises, conditions and waterproofs dried-out leather. Ideal for leather sofas, classic car interiors, shoes and boots, handbags, leather jackets, riding and stableyard boots. 

    • Made in the UK
    • No greasy residue (moisture locked-in by the hardened waxes)
    • Hard-wearing - retains condition for longer
    • Softening oils and emollients locked-in
      • Triple-filtered Beeswax from Buckfast Abbey
        (organically produced and humanely harvested)
      • Cosmetic-grade Lanolin (wool wax)
      • T1-grade Natural Carnauba Wax
      • Coconut and Sweet Almond Oils
      • Cocoa Butter
    • Complimentary sweet pea seeds to grow as a 'Thank You' to the bees  **unfortunately this offer excludes USA due to FDA regulations

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    Type: Leather Care

    Our aim was to produce the very best beeswax leather balsam we could. We started with natural organically-produced and humanely-harvested beeswax from Buckfast Abbey that is triple-filtered and added to it the finest natural ingredients we possibly could.

    Cosmetic-grade lanolin (wool wax) for its excellent emollient properties. It replicates the natural lubrication of animal skin, softening leather, preventing it from drying and allowing the fibres to move smoothly across each other and so reduces abrasive wear. It is both water-retaining and repellent. 

    T1-grade natural carnauba wax known as the 'queen of waxes' because it is the hardest of all the natural waxes. It provides a crystal-clear, hard-wearing, non-greasy waterproof finish that allows the natural colour of the leather to shine through while locking-in the softening oils and emollients.

    Over time the natural tanning oils evaporate out of the hide. The smell of leather comes from these oils. If not replaced, leather will eventually dry out completely and become brittle and crack. We add sweet almond and coconut oils as a pleasant-smelling top-up to the lubricating tanning oils. 

    Cocoa butter is a natural emollient with great stability. This quality, coupled with natural antioxidants, Its velvety texture, pleasant fragrance and emollient properties have made it a popular ingredient in soaps and lotions.

    This product is NOT suitable for use on suede or nubuck leather.

    Video how to use beeswax leather conditioner


    We are proud of the efforts we have made to minimise the impact our business has on the environment:

    • 100% solar-powered and carbon negative business
    • 100% Plastic-free packaging
      • 100% recyclable cardboard from FSC-approved mixed sources
      • 100% recyclable paper and cotton based packing tape with a water-based natural gum that can be recycled along with the cardboard
      • No sellotape/scotch tape - we only use biodegradable raffia twine
    • Re-useable Le Parfait clip-top glass jars
    • Return & Refill scheme offering 25% off refill & returns

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 41 reviews
    Lovely Product

    The Leather Balsam was beautifully packaged and the hand written note was a lovely touch
    I recently purchased a Dutch Leather Sofa and was looking for a suitable product to treat the leather and am delighted with the result
    Thank you

    Gilboys leather balsom

    I applied the leather balsam a couple of times now to revive a George Smith leather sofa - which was in a sorry state with scratches and dried leather - pictures attached show before and after image.
    It is recovering nicely - the product is easy to apply leaves a non sticky finish when buffed ( I don't overbuff).
    Very pleased & would use again . Packaging great idea to reuse box.

    Leather Balm

    Being a ethical person this ticked all the boxes and more.Another quality product from Gilboy's.I purchased it initially for my leather settee.It was so easy to put on and seems it will least forever.I also used it on my walking boots and used it on a microfibre towel to work into the leather.Very impressed with both uses.

    Love the ethics of this product

    Beautiful packaging and love the fact the glass jar can be returned for a refill. The sweetpea seeds are an added bonus too. I have only tried on a small patch of our leather sofa, so far and all seems good. I did have to buff it off the next day as it seems a little sticky, but maybe I used too much. It has brought up the natural look beautifully and looks much less dry. Have to pick a time when I can keep the cat off to do the rest!

    Lovely product

    This product came very nicely packaged with a personally handwritten note included which was lovely.
    I also loved the quality and recyclability of the product and packaging.
    I have used the product once, on my leather, waterproof stableyard boots and it enhanced both the colour and integrity of my boots.
    I am extremely happy with the product and will be utilising the refill service when required.

    Many thanks

    Michelle Hall

    First impressions, great product and attention to detail outstanding!

    I was looking for an all natural leather conditioner. While a little more on the expensive side, this product seemed to tick all the boxes, In regards to ethical and green concerns. Being able to return the container for a refill was a big plus, and I’m always keen to use all natural products whenever I can.

    It arrive well packaged, with a hand written note, prepaid return label for refills, seeds and instructions. All nice touches.

    I reconditioned a favourite pair of leather shoes yesterday with the balm and it was very easy to use and gave a great result. A little goes a long way so I don’t think I’ll be sending it back for a refill for a while yet!

    Very pleased. Thank you!

    Best product I have ever used...

    I was given your antique gold furniture polish as a Christmas present and used it to revive my Victorian mahogany dining table. I was so impressed with the result that I bought your beeswax leather balsam to use on an Errol leather chair and a ‘camel stool’ that had seen better days and lived under a sheepskin rug! I wish I had taken before and after photos because the transformation is amazing. Both products were very easy to apply and beautifully packaged. Your YouTube video is excellent too, and I can definitely recommend your products.
    The little box with sweet pea seeds is such a lovely touch and makes you feel you are dealing with people who really care. Five gold stars to you and your team.

    All natural beeswax Leather

    First class Finnish on leather sofa. Wife more than happy.

    Amazing leather Conditioning Balsam

    I ordered this to use on my dad's trunk which is over 70 years old. he used it when he first left home to work in the city. It had sat in an attic for about 50 years and was in pretty rough shape. The very thin leather on it has come out beautifully. This product saved the trunk.

    Another happy customer

    I used the leather conditioning balsam as advised, after cleaning the cream coloured sofa. Such an improvement! I had thought we might need to have the leather professionally resurfaced, but we are now very happy with the appearance. A great product!