How To Revive Sun-Bleached Furniture

In this video tutorial, antique furniture restorer Simon Gilboy demonstrates how Antique Gold beeswax wood polish can reverse the effects of sun damage on a Georgian mahogany cellarette:

Note: This is not always 100% successful. The effectiveness of the polish at reviving sun-damaged wood work depends on how receptive the surface is to pulling the colour out of the wax. Such as the finish being dried and broken down. If you have a sealed, hard finish on the surface it wont work very well. because the colour from the polish will be unable to penetrate into the wood through the finish. The surface needs to be dry and absorbent to pull the colour through in order to restore the colour.



  • Gilboy's 'Antique Gold' Premium Beeswax Furniture Polish
  • '0000' Grade Soft Wire Wool
  • Cotton Buffing Cloth 


  1. Charge some '0000' grade soft wire wool with our 'Antique Gold' beeswax polish
  2. Apply it with the grain to the surface to be revived
  3. Take off any excess wax, ensuring an even application
  4. Leave to dry for 20 to 30 minutes
  5. Using a cotton buffing cloth, buff to a shine 
  6. Repeat from Step 1 until desired depth of colour is achieved
Our polishing kits contain everything you need to achieve the results demonstrated in the video below:


At Gilboy's we have refined the traditional beeswax polish recipe using research we have carried out regarding the beneficial properties of other natural ingredients. We have added the highest quality 'T1' grade carnauba wax produced by the copernicia cerifera tree to protect its leaves from water, pathogens and UV radiation. As the hardest of all natural waxes with the highest melting point it helps  to provide a deep deep shine with a strong, highly water-resistant and longer-wearing protective finish. 

In July 2017 after much research and development, we improved the UV protection further by incorporating myrica wax into our special blend of natural waxes. Wax Laurel (morella pubescens) is a small shrub-like tree that grows at high altitudes (above 1,800m/6,000ft) in the Andes. It has been used by rural communities settled in the southern region of Colombia for centuries. It is a fast growing, resistant and adaptable tree that colonises areas with poor and eroded soils. This makes it an ideal species for environmental restoration in places that have been degraded. It produces a wax that covers its berries to protect them against the moisture loss and extreme environmental stresses that life at such altitudes demands. What we were interested in was how the wax protects the berry from the increased UV exposures at high altitude and how this property could provide your furniture with improved protection from sun-bleaching. [read more about myrica wax]

To make Gilboy's Gold easy to apply we soften our blend of waxes with pure pine turpentine. Once you have applied the wax polish, the turpentine evaporates leaving a strong protective layer of our blend of waxes ready for you to buff to a deep shine. Pure turpentine is made from nothing but the sap of pine trees. Unlike petrochemical alternatives, pure turpentine has a wonderful pine aroma, so we have no need to add synthetic chemical scents.

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