Antique Furniture Restoration

Restoration of an antique bureau before and after

Although we no longer accept restoration work, we are proud to have built the most comprehensive professional antique furniture restoration workshops in the South West of England. 

We have a deep understanding of the importance of keeping antique furniture original. It not only helps to hold the value of your furniture but also keeps the restoration costs to a minimum. That being said, a prized piece of antique furniture often has far more value than a monetary one.

Unfortunately, like many industries these days, wax polish manufacturers are trapped in a 'race to the bottom' of reducing prices and costs by replacing high quality natural ingredients with inferior cheap petrochemical substitutes.

Frustrated by this, and after spending years and years searching for a wax polish that would adequately protect and preserve our restoration work, we developed our own using the very best ingredients we could find.

We formulated our furniture polish to revive old, tired finishes and to protect and preserve antique furniture. We committed to using only the highest quality natural ingredients and no petrochemical solvents. We carefully selected the best natural waxes for their particular functions in the task of protecting the finish while highlighting the stunning beauty of the wood below.

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Unsure whether to restore or buy new?

Antique furniture is very recyclable. No matter how bad the state, don’t dismiss it as unrepairable. You can transform your furniture back to an original well-cared-for antique even if it wouldn’t stand on it’s own legs. A good antique furniture restorer uses almost no newly sourced materials. An old vintage chair or table can be revived back to life to go on for decades to come.

Antique bureau before restoration

Antique bureau after restoration

Edwardian desk fully restored


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