Antique Furniture Restoration

Antique Furniture Restoration

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We are proud to have the most comprehensive professional antique furniture restoration workshops in the South West of England, and our team of Antique Restorers & French Polishers have a great understanding of the importance of keeping your antique furniture original. It not only helps to hold your antique furniture’s value but also keeps the restoration costs to a minimum.

Our new purpose built workshop was designed purely for the care and restoration of furniture. The buildings power is generated by the bank of solar panels on the new roof which also keeps the furniture dry and clean, this is further enhanced by the new triple glazed laminated windows. Similarly, dust and and vapours are kept to the absolute minimum by the use of our triple fan extractor system and our clean rooms.

Unsure whether to restore or buy new?
Antique furniture is very recyclable.. no matter how bad the state, don’t dismiss it as unrepairable. We can transform your furniture back to an original well cared-for antique even if it wouldn’t stand on it’s own legs. An antique furniture restorer uses next to nothing in newly sourced materials. An old vintage chair or table can be revived back to life to go on for decades to come.

Is your furniture looking slightly tired or well-used?
We don’t just provide a full restoration service. Many customers turn to us (once the children have finally moved out) to simply tidy up the years of good honest family wear and tear on dining tables, chairs, coffee tables and side tables. We touch-up the small scratches and revive the existing finish, giving your furniture a new lease of life – that is until the grandchildren arrive!

Dining chairs & Side chairs
From a simple single loose joint to complicated dismantling, restoration and complete rebuild. Call us before it gets too late and you end up on your derrière surrounded by a pile of wood!

Inherited a treasured but tired antique?
If you have or are about to inherit a family treasured antique and you are unsure of how to preserve it, call us and we will carry out a sympathetic restoration programme allowing you to treasure it and the memories it gives you for years to come. We have done this for scores of clients over the years.

Fire or Flood damage
If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer a disaster (small or large), we can provide a full written quotation for the insurers and provide a comprehensive restoration programme for all your furniture.

Are you thinking of buying a tired antique from an auction and unsure if it can be restored? Take a photograph of it first, and send it to us by email or simply send us the auction link and we will be able to advise you on the restoration costs.

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Our Team

Our professional craftsmen have been apprenticed for over 4 years and only use hot melt fish bone glue for all of our antique restoration work, this is the traditional glue used for hundreds of years by furniture makers. For our antique repairs and conservation we only use hand selected wood from our own extensive time aged antique wood store and we will take time to choose the right species of wood from the right period so that your restored antique will retain as much of the original finish as possible.

21st Century customer service

We are happy to work on modern as well as antique furniture.
If you email photographs of your furniture we will quickly reply with an estimate by return. We provide a fully insured delivery & collection service with times to suit you, with a regular service from central London & the Midlands to our workshop. All of our clients receive quotations with a comprehensive written restoration programme listing all the necessary work required. All our clients are more than welcome to visit our restoration workshops to view the quality of restoration in our extensive antique furniture showroom.

How long does it take?

Depending on the amount of repair work required and the amount of work currently in our workshops, we generally require four to five weeks. An uncomplicated repair to a break on an antique chair usually takes about 10 days to complete.

Skilled restoration and the traditional processes involved do take time so please contact us months in advance if you would like your antique completely restored in time for a special occasion.

We welcome all enquiries regarding restoration and repair – so if you chair only has a slight wobble or a loose joint do contact us and we will sort it for you. Similarly we also have the workshop capacity for very large antique repairs.

Specialist Restoration Services

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We’re always happy to discuss your requirements