'antique gold' Beeswax Furniture Polishing Kit

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Antique Gold is a dark beeswax wood polish designed for use on dark and antique woods such as Antique Oak, Mahogany, Walnut, Elm or similar dark coloured woods and furniture. Made in the UK. 


This beeswax polishing kit contains everything you need to polish and protect the finish of your wood furniture:

    • 125ml jar of Gilboys 'antique gold' beeswax furniture polish
    • 1.2 metres of our antique restorers' recommended oil-free '0000' grade ultra-soft wire wool for easier application
    • 2 large lengths of our antique restorers' recommended open-weave 100% cotton polishing cloth for streak-free buffing
    • A colour-matched 'Gilded bee' pure Dartmoor beeswax scratch repair block for repairing scratches and dents before polishing
    • A complimentary box of sweet-pea seeds for you to grow as a 'Thank You' to the bees  **unfortunately this offer excludes USA due to FDA regulations
    • Return & Refill: Return your empty jar for a 25% discounted refill

Made in the UK from the highest quality natural waxes to bring out the shine and protect your furniture:

  • 100% natural ingredients
    • Humanely-harvested organic beeswax from Buckfast Abbey
    • The finest T1-grade natural carnauba wax
    • Natural myrica wax, Japan wax and berry wax
    • Pure pine gum spirits of turpentine
    • No white/mineral spirit, no toluene, no silicone or petrochemical solvents
  • Returnable Le ParfaitTM clip-top jar with air-tight seal
  • 100% Plastic-free recyclable packaging made with recycled cardboard from FSC approved sources


Environmental preservation is very important to us and we make every effort to ensure our products have a minimal impact on the environment:

  • We are not driven by a corporate cost-reduction ethos. We select our components based on quality and sustainability rather than the cheapest alternatives
  • 100% Plastic-free recyclable packaging
    • Recycled cardboard and paper from FSC-approved mixed sources
    • Packing tape that is paper & cotton based with a water-based gum adhesive which can be recycled along with the cardboard boxes
    • No polypropylene-based tape. We use biodegradable raffia twine.
  • No petrochemical solvents, we use only pure pine gum spirits of turpentine
  • Reusable Le Parfait jars with a Return & Refill discount scheme
  • Our workshop roof is completely covered in solar panels and generates far more electricity than we consume


  1. Use a soft cloth or very fine 0000 wire wool
  2. With gentle pressure spread the polish evenly over the surface in the direction of the grain, being careful not to over apply and avoid any upholstered areas. Once applied the surface area should look matt in appearance
  3. Allow the pure pine turpentine to completely evaporate and the wax to harden for 20-30 minutes
  4. Use a soft buffing cloth to buff the wax to a deep and lustrous shine

Weekly furniture maintenance of removing dust can be done by simply using a slightly damp cloth and drying if needed with a clean dry cloth - beeswax polish will protect the surface for a very long time.

If you have a larger surface like the side of a chest of drawers or the top of a dining table apply the beeswax more evenly by dabbing the surface all over with small amounts of polish and then wipe in the direction of the grain to spread the wax evenly.


For carved relief areas such as an antique coffer, you can also apply beeswax furniture polish with a cheap 1 inch trimmed paint brush. It makes applying the beeswax much easier and allows the polish to get right into those dusty and hard to reach areas. Buff it 20 to 30 minutes later with the soft shoe brush and buffing cloth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 232 reviews
Joshua Bamfield (London, GB)
Excellent product, easy to use

I bought this to put some life into some antique furniture I recently acquired. I found the how-to videos very very helpful and decided to buy the product. It is entirely made from natural products and has a great aroma. I thought it was easy to use and the furniture came up well (phew!). The instruction booklet, the personalised card, and the seeds all made me feel welcome and part of company. The packaging was unobtrusive but completely sound. The re-useable container with a discounted price was a great idea and, along with the videos, certainly made me feel that these people were not flogging a collection of chemicals to buff up some old woodwork, but wanted me to succeed in invigorating tired furniture. Will I buy it again? Yes, of course.

Mark Burgess (London, GB)
Amazing Wood Polish

I have used Gilboys Antique Gold on a number of Georgian pieces of furniture with great success.
Thank you Gilboys

Graham Taylor (London, GB)
If there was an Olympics for wood polishes this would win GOLD - Outstanding Polish

I am completely blown away by the difference Gilboys Antique Gold has made to our furniture!

Sara-Jane Hales (Croydon, GB)
Excellent beeswax polish

Excellent product! Excellent service and it came in a beautiful box with a surprise pressie inside! Fab fab experience. Will def buy again

Rosemary Huckett (Market Harborough, GB)
Antique Gold Kit

Received my Antique Gold polishing kit which arrived promptly. Haven't tackled the dining table yet but looking forward to a nice polished table with no scratches. Watched the videos which are really informative and useful and no doubt I'll be watching them again before I get round to the table.
Many thanks in advance for a great product.


Mrs Jane Bence (Saxmundham, GB)
Superb quality beeswax polish

I bought this polish to restore the top of a Georgian chest of drawers which had been damaged by sellotape (two areas of polish had been lifted when the tape was removed). Simon gave me very helpful advice on how to apply the polish over the whole area and I watched the online videos but it is going to take a number of applications over a period of months to bring the surface back so no before and after photos yet!. It's not something that can be hurried but initial results are encouraging. I have given the chest two polishes so far, with 10 days between them and it is definitely a quality polish and much thicker and richer than anything I've used before. I'm hopeful it will do the job. I just have to be patient! Thank you Simon, Arrived beautifully packaged too along with wire wool and buffing cloth.

margaret Rozga (Isle of Arran, GB)
Antique Gold

Excellent, thank you…especially for all the extras.

Dan White (North Heath, GB)
Wonderfully old-fashioned care & attention

This was fab. You rarely get examples like this: generous advice from an expert, and quality product wrapped up in an unbelievably beautiful way! I bought the polish after Simon gave me free advice on a table I'm trying to protect. It's not cheap, but worth every penny. The polish is great, but what I particularly loved was the packaging: I could have been opening a box of designer jewellery! Hand-written card. Beautiful box. And the winning touch: a packet of seeds 'for me and the bees'. Wish there were more companies like Gilboy's around!

Humphrey Nicholson (York, GB)

Excellent service, First application to part of an old family Tallboy, which has spent much of its life in storage, is most encouraging. Best wax that i have found to date.

Roger Davison (Taunton, GB)
Expert advice

Many thanks Simon for phoning me back last week in response to my photos of trying to remedy the finish to my longcase clock door. Your advice will now enable me to progress with the restoration. In particular I will leave each wax application a good few days to harden before reapplication, and will not bother to use ‘clock restorer’ cleaners.
I will send you a ‘finished’ photo!
Best wishes,
Roger Davison,
Billericay, Essex.