Hard Wax Oil - Food Safe Interior Wood Finish

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"Embrace the beauty of natural wood with Gilboys Hard Wax Oil - Safe, Resilient, and Effortless to apply. Gilboys Hard Wax Oil offers the best protection and a smooth satin sheen for all your wood surfaces."


"I’m not just saying it but your waxes are superb"
- Drew Pritchard (Salvage Hunters)


Hard Wax Oil by Gilboys - A quick drying blend of raw beeswax, linseed oil, carnauba wax and orange oil. A Natural Wood Finish for Furniture and Interiors.

  • Food Safe.
  • Child Safe.
  • No Pesticides.

Your wooden surfaces deserve the best. With our Hard Wax Oil, you can ensure they get just that - a high-quality natural finish that brings out the inherent beauty of wood. No harsh chemicals, no pesticides - just a quick-drying blend of raw beeswax, linseed oil, carnauba wax, and orange oil, ensuring a safe and environmentally friendly choice for your home​​​. 

Easy To Apply

Unlike traditional finishes, our hard wax oil is simple to apply with a cloth, brush, or roller, providing a protective, satin sheen to your wood​​. And with our professional trade tips, you'll have all the guidance you need for a flawless finish​.

Natural Ingredients

This interior wood finish is composed of natural wax and oil, ensuring an environment that is free of hazardous chemicals, as well as completely safe for children. The absence of pesticides makes this product a reliable choice.

Water Resistant

A minimum of two coats is advised to achieve a good level of resistance to spills of tea, coffee, wine and soft drinks. 

Hard Wearing

The real magic of Gilboys Hard Wax Oil lies in its durability. This finish is highly resistant to scratches and scuffs, perfect for high-traffic areas like kitchen counters and dining tables​​. It’s also water-resistant, safeguarding against spills and can withstand high temperatures from hot tableware or drinks​. Plus, it is certified slip-resistant (BS 7976-2PTV), making it a safe choice for both domestic and commercial areas.

Heat Resistant 

Extensive trials show that our Hard Wax Oil offers exceptional resistance to high temperatures, such as those generated by hot tableware or drinks. We recommend two applications for optimal protection.

Food Safe

One of our proudest features is our commitment to safety. Because we only use natural plant oils and waxes, our hard wax oil is non-toxic and safe to be applied on surfaces where food is prepared and stored, providing a secure, hygienic coating that is safe for the whole family. 

It is suitable for use on all untreated wooden surfaces, including wooden toys, doors, floors, tables, and kitchen countertops.

Slip-Resistant (Rated R12)

Slip-resistance rating R12 (Good)*. Tested in accordance with BS 7976-2 / UKSRG Guidelines and DIN 51130:2004 standards on Maple, Teak, Pine, Sapele, English Ash, English Oak and Iroko wood flooring. 

Test Report for Pendulum Testing to BS7976-2 by Surface Consultants Ltd

*The R scale runs from R9 to R13, where R9 is slippery when wet, and R13 the least slippery. Floor surfaces that are classified by the DIN 51130 standard as R9 (or in some instances R10) will be slippery when used in wet or greasy conditions.

Invest in the enduring beauty of your wooden surfaces today with Gilboys Hard Wax Oil. For interiors that are as safe as they are stunning, there’s no better choice.


  1. Ensure the wood surface is smooth, clean and dry before applying
  2. Use a good quality lint free cloth, brush or sponge roller to apply
  3. Apply two coats for best results on high traffic areas such as floors, kitchen worktops and dining tables
  4. Sanding between each coat is not always necessary but advisable for a smoother finish

*Rougher surfaces may increase the drying time and will require more applications to achieve a smooth finish. 

Trade Tips

  • On initial application, if possible, remove the excess hard wax oil with a lint free cloth as you apply it. This will help reduce the drying time.
  • Unlike traditional varnishes our hard wax oil is not a viscous coating and will perform much better if applied in multiple thin layers as opposed to heavy single applications.
  • Our hard wax oil is also very effective to use as a sanding sealer. Wipe it on bare wood and allow it to soak in for a few minutes. Then wipe away all the excess oil and allow to dry.

Approximate Coverage

500ml: 10m2 
1L: 20m2

Drying Time

Our hard wax oil is made with natural ingredients. A single application will usually be dry in 8 hours. The drying time may extend in cold and humid environments.

* The best drying conditions are achieved by applying the hard wax oil sparingly in a warm, well ventilated room.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

Based on 123 reviews
Andrea Hodgkinson (City of Westminster, GB)
Excited to use

Haven’t used yet

Donald Walker (Lockerbie, GB)

The wax oil worked very well and really brought the 150 year old pitch pine wood to life.
My only criticism would be that after each coat there were tiny little lumps (wax?) protruding from the dried surface and these had to be sanded off before the second coat and the final polishing coat

Roofrat (Sleaford, GB)
Easy to use

Very good product transform’s the job in an instant would highly recommend Gilboys to deal with next day delivery and price very good for the results it delivers

Katherine (Bristol, GB)
Amazing results

I plucked up the courage to refinish my G Plan teak veneer dining table after watching Simon's YouTube videos. I bought the hard wax oil and the rose gold polishing kit. I decided not to do any sanding because I didn't want to risk going through the veneer and I honestly didn't expect to get anywhere near the results I did. Ring marks and fading gone - shine and colour restored!

Nigel B (Billericay, GB)
A Quality Product

I was looking for an easy to apply finish for a variety of internal woodworking projects ranging from simple ornaments, holders, frames etc to new and existing solid wood floors. I did not want it to signifcantly colour the wood, in most cases oak.

I found Gilboy's hard wax oil to be the right solution.

Application is simple, just prepare the wood (removal of existing finish by sanding etc), apply via a cloth, ensure to wipe off any excess and buff well. Where wanted, apply additional coats after a period of drying. I found that it only slightly darkens the natural wood colour; more applications will increase that a little.

There is no signifcant odour during or after application which I also find really important.

I have been really pleased with the results, especitally on a large extended solid wood floor where I added new wood to an existing ten year old area. The old wood was fully sanded and once oilded, the two have blended together superbly. I plan to apply multiple coats but even after the first coat the finish looks great.

In summary, a great product that I have no reservations in recommending.

George (Leicester, GB)
Problem sorted

Placed order on 17/03/2024 still not recieved as of today 01/04/2024. UPS attached document who have told me they have reported the damage to Gilboys. - Update Gilboys contacted me within minutes of review. Sent out a replacement tin of wax express next day and recieved very quickly. Extremely happy with Gilboys customer service and product, highly recommend

PAULA LINSKILL (Bournemouth, GB)
Excellent as always!

I moved into my cottage 3 years ago. Only just got around to restoring the wooden floor. Such a difference!

Dan The Furniture Artisan. (Stoke-on-Trent, GB)
As I expected.

Having had experience using the Wax Polish I was never in any doubt that the Hard Wax Oil would be nothing but excellent. I’ve only used it on test pieces so I don’t have a photo to show off.
As I endeavour to make a living from furniture it’s essential to have products that I can rely on and Gilboys don’t disappoint.

Hilary Parkinson (Evesham, GB)
Perfect Results

So pleased with these products, which I ordered after watching Simon’s incredibly informative and interesting videos on YouTube. The products are beautifully presented, responsibly sourced and packaged and are a joy to use. Great results and easy to use. Who would have thought that polishing could bring such joy.

Julie De'ath (Felixstowe, GB)
Brilliant product

Dried quickly and enhanced the natural grains of wood….lovely product to work with