'pure gold' Beeswax Wood Polish (1 litre)

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A clear beeswax polish ideal for use on Ash, Beech, Maple, Light Oak and Pine


COVERAGE: 1L will cover approximately 96-100m² (40 - 48 standard size dining tables)

Simply the best beeswax polish for any type of wood.

  • Made in the UK from the highest quality natural waxes to bring out the shine and protect your furniture
  • Includes ultra-soft '0000' grade wire wool for the best application
  • Includes 100% cotton open-weave polishing cloth for easier buffing 
  • 100% natural ingredients
    • The best triple-filtered beeswax, organically-farmed and humanely-harvested by the world-renowned beekeepers at Buckfast Abbey
    • Natural T1-grade carnauba wax
    • Natural myrica, Japan and berry waxes
    • Pure pine gum spirits of turpentine
    • No white spirit, No toluene, No aggressive petrochemical solvents and definitely No silicone!
  • Say 'Thank You' to the bees by growing our complimentary sweet pea seeds  **unfortunately this offer excludes USA due to FDA regulations

    Our beeswax furniture polish provides the best protection for the finish of all woods. It is very easy to apply and a little polish goes a very long way because turpentine holds much more wax in suspension by volume than any petrochemical solvent. 

    We have developed our beeswax furniture polish to such a fine blend that you don't necessarily have to polish again for at least a year and possibly up to three years. 


    Environmental preservation is very important to us and we make every effort to ensure our products have a minimal impact on the environment:

    • We are not driven by a corporate cost-reduction ethos. We select our components based on quality and sustainability rather than the cheapest alternatives
    • 100% Plastic-free recyclable packaging
      • Recycled cardboard and paper from FSC-approved mixed sources
      • Packing tape that is paper & cotton based with a water-based gum adhesive which can be recycled along with the cardboard boxes
      • No polypropylene-based tape. We use biodegradable raffia twine.
    • No petrochemical solvents, we use only pure pine gum spirits of turpentine
    • Our workshop roof is completely covered in solar panels and generates far more electricity than we consume


    For carved relief areas such as an antique coffer, you can also apply beeswax furniture polish with a cheap 1 inch trimmed paint brush. It makes applying the beeswax much easier and allows the polish to get right into those dusty and hard to reach areas. Buff it 20 to 30 minutes later with the soft shoe brush and buffing cloth.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 316 reviews
    Norman Simpson (Billingham, GB)

    Purchased a vintage pine storage trunk, after contacting Simon asking for advice on the type of beeswax i should use as i wanted to keep a natural look, Simon suggested pure gold so purchased the polishing kit easy to use great product and customer service.

    HELEN TYDEMAN (Gillingham, GB)
    Gilboys beeswax polish

    Excellent product, have just bought a larger tin. Easy to use, gives great results - thank you for the sweet pea seeds, a nice touch!

    Emily Bennett (Sheffield, GB)
    Little Miracle

    This is for my Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Case.
    I’m still preparing it before waxing it all, but I couldn’t wait to try it on a small area.
    It’s lovely stuff, it’s showing up all the details of the wood, it looks great. I will be back with a photo when it’s finished.

    Abigail Grenfell (Chiswick, GB)
    Definitely worth every penny

    Wonderful, personal service and a great product - really easy and satisfying to use and smells nice too. It’s putting life back into a very old, somewhat neglected chest. Looking forward to growing my sweet peas in the spring!

    Mark (Reading, GB)

    Excellent product.

    Kate (Welwyn Garden City, GB)

    arrived promptly and beautifully packaged even down to the bee block which is wrapped in decorative recyclable paper! The wax is very easy to apply and works wonders on my dining table and bannisters. I am looking for more things to try it on!

    Andrew Baker (Nottingham, GB)
    Great product.

    Using this to refresh wooden doors and shutters in our new house. Easy to apply and gives a very nice soft finish. Very pleased.

    Myriam Berger (Sudbury, GB)

    You think Simon’s videos a delight? Then wait till you get a taste of Gilboy’s customer service: the availability, the friendliness and the professionalism are truly outstanding. You don’t know what wood your table is made of? Send a picture, and Simon will have a look at it. You run into trouble? Simon will take the time to talk to you. Opening the box feels like Christmas: so many (and personalized) little touches. Do I have to mention the great quality of the product itself? Can’t wait to refurbish more wooden furniture!

    Nic Daniels (Llanelli, GB)
    The best there is

    Gilboy’s is the best out there. I’ve quite literally tried them all, Gilboy’s is even better than Renaissance and it’s easy to get top results. Apply with extra fine wire wool. Leave to rest whilst you have a cuppa, then go back and buff. The more you buff the better the result, but it’s not about the pressure, you don’t need to rub, just buff, keeping the buffing cloth cool by shaking it out every so often. I don’t use any other wax anymore.

    Sue James (Warrington, GB)
    Perfect jar of wax

    I have been redoing my chair as it was a dark and I wanted it to match the other furniture we have in our garden room. After watching the videos numerous times I eventually ordered the pure gold wax along with steel wool and polishing cloths. I have today just finished my chair and I could not be happier with the result. Would definitely recommend using Gilboys products to anyone. Simon replied to an email giving me advise, which was very helpful. Thank you to all the team 😊.