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We are professional french polishers based in South Devon covering the South Hams including Totnes, Kingsbridge, Dartmouth and Salcombe, and the Torbay and Teignbridge areas. You have no need to look any further for the complete care and the correct period finish for your furniture. From your initial contact we provide a full, written, itemised quotation describing all the work necessary from detailed veneer work to the french polisher’s final touches. We guarantee all of our work. You are welcome to visit our workshops where you can see antique restoration and french polishing in progress and various french polished finishes. We offer a furniture delivery and collection service for which there is only a small charge and all furniture carried is comprehensively insured. If you require a home visit we always send out a fully qualified french polisher who is also a skilled antique restorer.

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An example of what our french polishers can do

A customer bought a set of three antique walnut tables at an auction and (as you can see) they had been severely mistreated and were in need of a professional french polisher’s attention.

How we did it

The first job for our antique restorers was to repair any loose, lifting or missing veneer on the furniture and clean and close up the joints. The french polisher then carefully stripped the remaining polish to reveal the original but still damaged walnut and figured maple. Oxalic acid was then used to bleach the severe water stains out of the wood and allow the natural colour to come to the surface. Slowly over a period of days the tables were french polished and waxed to a satin finish. In many cases we would have used a grain filler to speed up the process of french polishing but it was not necessary in this case.

Head restorer Will, french polishing a table top

Our head french polisher Will polishing a table top

We apply the term french polisher to describe our craftsmen who are skilled in the art of finishing furniture. It is a generic term, as a french polisher will have a broad and wide ranging base of knowledge for achieving the exact finish for your antique furniture.

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French Polishers shellac bottle

French Polishers shellac bottle

French Polish (Shellac)

French polish was developed in the early 1700s and was widely used around the 1800s onwards. So much of your mid Georgian and Regency furniture and most certainly your Victorian furniture will initially have been french polished or at least sealed with a shellac based varnish. Over the decades and centuries this will have been cleaned and waxed to give you a lovely patinated finish. So if you come into our workshops and see a ‘shiny piece’ it is more than likely to be only part way through the french polishing and finish restoration process.

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