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Hand Gilded Pure Beeswax Repair Cubes
“It’s not Mother’s Day it’s Mothering Sunday!
I wonder how many other children have heard this correction from their Mum? It used to happen every year with me, usually when Mum would see the first adverts in the newspapers or on the telly box.
Gilboy's Gold Sweet Pea
“Oh’ It’s not right! Mothering Sunday is about mothering…something, something something..” Funny, I’ve forgotten what she said from there on.
All I know is that Mothering Sunday is the correct name for this day according to my Mum and it’s for children to mother their mum for once, as she does it for the other 364 days a year.
I know it falls on the 4th Sunday of Lent and is 3 weeks before Easter, Well to be honest I just read about the ‘3 weeks before Easter’ fact and now, having read a little more about it online it does get quite complicated arguing between if it was an American tradition before it was made a British celebration and well it got very unnecessary and frankly boring.
"I’ve got a whole load of tackie cards with cutesy teddy bears on them"

The important thing is that I have to go on the annual quest in card shops in search of the illusive few cards that says ‘Happy Mothering Sunday’ Otherwise I will have failed the first hurdle.
Again I say this, but the great thing about our world is now it’s connected to a very ‘wide web’ and all I have to do is type ‘Mothering Sunday card’ into the search box of the world's longest river and ‘hey presto’ I’ve got a whole load of tackie cards with cutesy teddy bears on them.
After filtering through these many cards with cartoon creatures on them I managed to narrow it down to the floral ones that will be more suitable for my Mum. Two clicks later I’m finished and sometime in the near future it will be delivered to my door, well before the ‘M’Day!’
So that's the card sorted and obviously the bunch of flowers or potted plant are obligatory purchases closer to the date or are they? That doesn't have to be the only way. You see we have created the ideal gift for your Mum right here in our workshop and again you don't have to go outside to get it.
Buckfast Abbey Bees
'Okay so buying furniture polish might not have been at the top of your list of
‘what to get Mum’
Our finest beeswax polish gift set is the perfect gift, not only does it  include a box of giant sweet pea seeds which can be planted into seed trays straight away, but it also contains the finest naturally scented beeswax polish which will fill your home with the most natural scent of beeswax polish. 
So long after those cut flowers you bought have been consigned to the compost bin your gifted sweet peas will be growing during the spring and flowering throughout the summer. Not only will your Mum be rewarded with fresh scented flowers almost daily during the summer but also the endangered humble Bumble Bee that we are all hearing so much about will absolutely adore them.
Oh' and your furniture will appreciate it too... 

Simon Gilboy
Simon Gilboy


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Lynn Binns
Lynn Binns

October 28, 2020

This brought tears to my eyes. I lost my Mum in May and next year I won’t have my usual hunt for a Mothering Sunday card. My Mum also used to value the concept of Mothering rather than Mother’s Day and I had to make sure I got it right on the card


August 27, 2020

Just seen the comments about Mothering Sunday…Yes….. I too remember all those years of searching for Mothering Sunday cards, rather than Mother’s Day because my mother explained it was correctly called Mothering Sunday; a Christian celebration in the Christian calendar and Mother’s Day is apparently an American adoption of the event!

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